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Birthdate:Aug 28
Location:Westminster, Maryland, United States of America
my favorite yankee candle fragrance is mistletoe

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all things creepy eerie and uncanny, alternate universe, armpit hair, au, avoiding eye contact, avoiding people, avoiding tumblr, avoiding unnecessary social interaction, baking, breakfast, brewing coffee, buckin, castiel, cats, cheese, chris martin, coffee, coffee candy, coffee kink, coldplay, coldplay slash, colors, cream scones, crispy home fries, crossovers, cute fucking boys, cute soft bellies, damn good coffee, danishes, dansk, dean winchester, dean/cas, death by coffee, delicious coffee, destiel, devonshire cream, divine symmetry, drinking coffee, driving, drowning in coffee, eggs over medium, facebooking, fantasy, film, fine coffee, fresh coffee, fresh-baked bread, fuck me coffee, getting the fuck outta there, ghost stories, gishwhes, good tasty fic, grinding my own coffee beans, guy berryman, hannibal, hannibal lecter, hannibal nbc, hannibal's cute and terrifying micro expressions, hannibal/will, hannigram, hating facebook forever and ever amen, hating tumblr, hot coffee, hugh dancy, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jonny buckland, loving and hating my fandoms with equal measure, mads mikkelsen, magic, misha collins, moon, murder me coffee, music, mythology, nasty boys, never having all the answers, nice coffee, not dancing in front of people, nothing but coffee, organic coffee, paganism, pastries, power-scrolling through tumblr for 15 hours, sam winchester, sam/dean, science fiction, sleepy hollow, spn, stars, strange and interesting faces, stupid dumb fuck boys, sun, superhannibal, supernatural, supernatural/hannibal crossover i need it, symbolism, synchronicity, taking baths in coffee, the aroma of fresh brewed coffee, the smell of hotels, the smell of motels, the word tepid, thinking, thinking about thinking, urban legends, weirding myself out, weirdness, where is the coldplay slash, will champion, will graham, will graham's fat ass, wincest, wincestiel
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